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A broken heart stands as a chrysalis to new life within. 
As the heart burns away, it reveals the butterfly

now free to fly.

"Breaking Open, aka the Butterfly Heart, is being built for Burning Man 2023 and is dedicated to anyone who walks with a broken heart, to offer a reflection that honors their truth and also invites the possibility of transformation and a return to joy.  At Burning Man last year, I was walking with a broken heart, but the love from our community and the power of fire helped to heal the pain and my heart opened into a happier lighter feeling.  I want to give that feeling back to BRC and I hope that this art will help anyone else who has a broken heart to know they are not alone, and that there is hope of emerging from it in a way that restores beauty and well-being. Creativity and art is a way to get there. " ~Dawn

With deep respect to the element of Fire,

we commence this work of art.

May it bring healing and joy.

Dawn M. Yurkovic, Lead Artist

corrected-1299118 copy.jpg

Dawn is a dancer and healing arts practitioner. In the 8 years she attended Burning Man, Dawn has offered her gifts to the Playa through performance art, bellydance, yoga and healing bodywork.  Over the years, she has been deeply moved and inspired by the Fire Art at Burning Man and has long been dreaming of creating and bringing Fire Art to the Playa.   

At Burning Man in 2022, she had a vision that inspired the courage to bring her dream alive.  She reached out to her friends in the BM community for help to create an art piece that would invite healing and transformation. Humbly, she honors these talented artists, Glenn Fischer, Brendon O'Halloran, and Kyle Ruddick, as the co-leaders that will bring this Fire Art, entitled “Breaking Open” (aka The Butterfly Heart), to Burning Man in 2023. 

Glenn Fischer, Lead Welder


Glenn installed the glorious Orb in 2018 and in 2019 he built and installed the inspiring 75 ft. tall Phoenix, entitled "Wing Portal", supported by Maxa Camp.  He is powerfully skilled and is a force of creativity, energy, vision and kindness.  Glenn will be designing, building and installing our beloved hero, the Butterfly. We are so blessed to have him leading our team.


Brendon O’Halloran, Lead Carpenter


Brendon was Lead Carpenter/ Co-Designer of the large mutant vehicle “The Anostraca”, a city bus turned into a pirate ship with a bar inside and a large deck on top with a second bar and stage for a DJ or live band.  The ship came to the playa 5 times between 2010-2018.  Brendon is a masterful artist and craftsman.  He will be designing and building the heart that will burn. We are thrilled to have his expertise and joyful spirit co-leading our team. 


Kyle Ruddick
Lighting & Interactive Projection Artist

Kyle Ruddick is an artist, filmmaker, commercial experience designer and 12 year burner. He was the Lead Creator of The Fun Cult theme camp from 2009-2011, and Lead Artist of the Kinetic Magic team that has placed interactive art on the playa annually since 2015. He is excited to bring dynamic visual nighttime interactivity to this meaningful playa sculpture.  He created all the digital art for this project and has brought our dream alive with possibility!


We applied for the BM Honorarium grant in January and, although we were not chosen for the Burning Man funding, we were accepted as a burnable art piece (huge honor) and will be bringing it at our own cost. We are looking for art lovers and inspired people to join us in raising the funds to build this work of art, get it to the Playa, burn it and effectively Leave No Trace after our burn. Please consider donating, to help us create this healing and beauty through art.  

Many people have already contributed to the energy and inspiration leading to this spark of creativity and we are grateful to every one of you! Community is the true magic of Burning Man, and  

it will take a lot of love, support and resources to make this art, get it to the playa, have a successful burn, and clean up after ourselves.  Please join us and help us burn the broken heart!

Send us a message and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

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